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About ACB Learning

ACB Learning was founded by a passionate teacher who has 10 years ABA experience. ACB Learning is a unique learning environment which provides all children with a safe, supportive space where they feel empowered and understood. We adapt our programs and provide customized education plans to suit the needs of each individual. Providing a variety of services, we understand the importance of establishing clear expectations in a collaborative setting to help bridge the gap between us, home and school.

Our dedicated team has over 20 years combined experience in the field. We have worked in a variety of settings which provides ACB Learning with great knowledge, unique skill sets and diverse educational backgrounds. Our team thrives on empowering children and establishing long-lasting, trusting relationships with families in the community. We ensure all children are setting high attainable goals and then support them by providing customized strategic plans, thus, enabling each child to feel successful and reach their fullest potential. We offer flexibility, accommodations and step by step support in all of programs.

Ashley Beswick, Owner, Program Coordinator

Tutoring, Behavioural Programs, Social Groups
BEd, BA - Psychology, DSW Diploma, Sign Language Level 1

Ashley has over 10 years experience working with individuals aged 2-adulthood in a variety of settings. She has worked as an ABA Therapist, Educational Assistant, and Residential Counselor. For the past three years, Ashley worked at a private school as a Special Education Teacher. In addition to her classroom experience, she tutors JK-Grade 8 students in all subjects. She specializes in working with students who have autism, dyslexia, ADHD, giftedness and other learning disabilities. Ashley has been running weekly social skills groups and provides in-home support where she creates behaviour modification programs and helps parents implement these plans with their children. Working with students with exceptionalities has taught her that no two students understand things in exactly the same way. She has become an expert at finding different and interesting ways to explain and teach things to each individual child in a way that makes the most sense to them. She has a natural ability to engage and motivate children and assist them with overcoming obstacles and breaking down barriers. Ashley prides herself on being able to relate to her students and create a safe, supportive environment which in turn, enables her students to surpass expectations.

Megan Knowles

Respite, Social Groups
BSocSc Honours-Criminology and Psychology, NVQ Health and Social Care
NVCI Certified

Megan has been working with individuals aged 2-adulthood in various settings for over 10 years. She has worked as a residential supervisor, residential support worker and community service supervisor. For the past five years, she has been supporting individuals with significant cognitive difficulties and behavioural challenges in their home as well as in group home settings. She has focused on establishing and implementing behaviour modification programs for diverse individuals and has been working with staff teams and families to maintain these programs throughout the individual's daily routine. She has been helping to coordinate and run social groups for individuals on the spectrum, helping them increase social awareness and target life skills through a play based learning approach. Through Megan's experience, she has learned that all individuals communicate in a variety of ways. She has concluded that with consistent approaches, positive reinforcement, encouragement and teachable moments, we are able to help each individual reach their full potential.

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