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Tutoring JK-Grade 8

We work with children who benefit from additional support outside of school. We customize the learning environment and strategies to meet the unique needs of every child. We are certified teachers who know that no two children learn the same way. We pride ourselves on being able to assist every child we work with to thrive and reach their fullest potential.

We also provide parental support and strategies for ways parents can support their son/daughter at home.

We work hard to ensure there is a positive, collaborative team approach between us, home and school. We provide detailed notes after each session so parents are always aware of areas of strength and weakness.

Behavioural Intervention/Therapy

We have years of experience developing and implementing behavioural programs for individuals aged 2-26. We provide support for families who have children with behavioural and/or social/emotional needs. We have experience working with individuals who have autism, ADHD, anxiety disorders, self injurious behaviour, oppositional defiant disorder, etc...

At ACB Learning, we strive to work with parents to develop strategies and coping mechanisms that work for the child, as well as for the family. We have worked collaboratively with home and school to promote consistency.

Through a variety of approaches, we pride ourselves on being able to build rapport with the individual and work towards customizing a program for each client. We have worked in collaboration with other professionals (psychologists, doctors, school resource team).

Behavioural therapy is sometimes only needed on a short-term basis, however, may also be necessary for an extended period of time (depending on the situation.)

Effective approaches of behavioural therapy include but are not limited to: role playing activities, self-reflection, positive reinforcement systems, social skill development, modeling/coaching, parental coaching, and visual supports, etc...

Social Groups

Our social groups are geared towards chilldren on the spectrum and/or for any children who would benefit from low ratio/small group interaction. We currently have openings for several age groups. We pride ourselves on being able to provide services in a fun, yet safe and structured environment.

We have weekly themes and work towards both individual and group goals. We send out progress notes, pictures and keep open lines of communication at all times. We have 3 age groups and opportunities:

3-6 year olds
We focus on social skills, life skills, social/emotional development, receptive and expressive language, play skills, fine and gross motor skills and visual spatial skills. In a NET approach, we teach children how to interact and play with their peers and the various social skills that go along with it.

7-10 year olds
We focus on social skills, play skills, how to interact appropriately with our peers, and conflict resolution/problem solving. We learn conversational skills, emotional regulation and impulse control. Social skills are taught through direct teaching and natural environment teaching. Our main focus is learning essential social rules and making an effort to put skills taught into practice in the real world.

8-12 year olds
We have weekly themes where we focus on various social skills. We put an emphasis on learning social cues and other essential skills through outings and opportunities within the community.

We focus on friendships (how to make and keep friends), hardships of high school (peer pressure, influence of social media and how to navigate it safely), life skills (budgeting, cooking, road safety), etc... We target individual goals as needed and contrive situations through role play and various activities to mimic real life circumstances.

Young Adults
We focus on daily life skills, pro-social behaviour & relationships. We create a safe space where peers can speak openly and learn how to navigate the complexities of the social world. We work collaboratively to create goals and plans of action for every participant. We learn basic cooking skills, budgeting and emphasize the importance of independence.

Date Nights

We are thrilled to be offering Date Nights at ACB Learning! This service provides parents with an opportunity to go out (or stay in!) and enjoy a child-free evening. We host Date Nights the first Saturday of every month from 5:00PM - 8:00PM. We have different themes every month with activities, crafts and games to coincide! We provide pizza, a movie and park play (weather dependent). It is a great opportunity for children to get together and socialize in a fun atmosphere!

Respite/Family Relief

We happily provide respite services for families in the community with options to do so at our place or yours! Our main goal is to ensure parents feel comfortable and at ease knowing their son/daughter is being engaged and well cared for. We work hard to accommodate any and all circumstances, whether it be accompaniment on outings, a break from the routine and/or a night away from home - we ensure parents are worry-free and enjoy a well deserved break. We have many years experience providing respite/family relief services. We have the flexibility of offering services on a consistent schedule or on an as-needed basis.

Principles of ABA Therapy

Following the principles of ABLLS-R (Assessment of Basic Language and Learning Skills - Revised) and through Natural Environment Teaching, we work with children and target the following (not limited to):

  • Fine motor skills (cutting, lacing, writing, colouring, drawing, etc. incorporated into crafts)
  • Gross motor skills (as simple as catching a ball, skipping, kicking a ball, etc. to riding a bike, pumping their legs on a swing, or even learning sports in order to be able to participate in soccer, basketball, tag, etc.)
  • Social Skills (appropriate vs. inappropriate, reading emotions, entering a conversation, staying on topic, how to be a good friend, polite vs. impolite, controlling emotions, volume control, social distance, responding to frustrating situations, creating your independence, etc.)
  • Behaviour management plans for meltdowns, frustration or aggression so everyone involved will be on the same page - token economies, positive reinforcement and open lines of communication are key.
  • Sessions will be paired with sensory or structured game "breaks", as well as fine or gross motor skills. To end the session, application of the learned/practiced skill will be set in place.