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"Ashley is a one-of-a kind teacher. She is creative and innovative, making every session educational and always lots of fun. Her teaching methods motivate and engage my kids and above all, boosts their confidence. Always smiling and professional, I really can't recommend her highly enough."
Tammy B.

"We were so lucky to find Ashley - she quickly became part of our family and was instrumental in helping our son learn many new things; including eating, which was a real challenge for us/him. She is extremely positive, high energy and fun, but still follows through when needed. I would highly recommend Ashley to any parent... not only is she bright and talented, but she has an incredibly big heart!"
Lydia K.

"I can't say enough about Ashley. My kids love working with her. She truly knows what my children need to be successful and she strives to make sure that my kids understand their goals. Anytime they have questions, she is right there to help and goes above and beyond all the time. Working with Ashley is like having another family member. Ashley genuinely cares about her students and takes an active interest in their school work and interests. I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience with Ashley and would highly recommend her to anyone. Lily and John would not be as successful as they are today without the help and guidance from Ashley."
Kate D.

"I have known Ashley Beswick for five years now and worked with her for three of them. As her supervisor and co-worker, I can honestly say that she is not only one of the kindest people I know, but she is also one of the most reliable and hardworking staff I have ever encountered. Her skills in designing, teaching and implementing behavior modification, social and life skills are truly a gift. Her dedication and passion to helping others shows in the progress her client's make while she is working with them. Ashley has a natural talent for teaching children and makes everything fun. Her ability to engage her clients' and students is shown not only in their work but also in the bond she makes with each and every person."
Megan K.

"Ashley is a remarkable educator. She helps nurture my son's academic confidence which has resulted in improved marks, participation at school and overall confidence. While my son still has learning challenges, he looks forward to learning with Ashley which to me is half the battle. Thank you Ashley!"
Ilana N.

"Ashley was recommended to us by our daughters teacher and has been her tutor for the past 3 years. Our daughter has a LD and attention issues and Ashley has been able to help her by giving her one on one time which she doesn't get at school. This is making a big difference especially with her confidence. Ashley is patient and has a unique ability in explaining the homework material and connecting with our daughter. She is very accommodating and offers wonderful suggestions and advice not only about the school subjects but also about communicating with teachers. She came highly recommended and I would highly recommend her. :) "
Kara P.

"Hi there, I've been given the opportunity to give a brief testimonial about our work with Ashley Beswick. Hmmm, there lies the problem for me. Summing up our experience with Ashley in a 'brief format' would be impossible. Ashley came to us when my boys were 3 & 4 (nearing 5) and both just diagnosed as being on the Autism Spectrum. We were over-whelmed & lost and had no idea how to navigate this new 'bump in our road' to find ways to help both of our children.

Today, Ashley is STILL working closely with us and the boys are now 11 (nearing 12) & 13. She has moved far beyond private ABA therapist, behaviourist, Autism support, tutor, and everything in between. Today she is a part of the family. We owe SO much gratitude and a lot of the boy's successes to Ashley being there as our primary support. She has helped us in the very beginning with language, behaviours and very basic skills to today w/socialization, tutoring, and any sort of 'at the moment' issue, we're navigating as the boy's mature.

Ashley has always been professional, reliable, driven, and caring. She's invested in the boy's success as much as we have. The boy's love her and we do too. I could go on & on and give specific examples of work she's done or accomplishments she's made with us. But being with us from toddlerhood to tweens, how can you possibly do that??! I can honestly say she's pretty much done & seen it all at our house...and still she's with us! ;)

Ashley is an absolute gem to work with and any child/family will be lucky to have both her expertise & professionalism in their corner. Finding a terrific Autism support can sometimes be just the light you need with overwhelming issues sometimes cloud your days. Ashley is just that, and then some..."
April C.

"As a tutor, Ashley is always on time and respectful. She is professional and hard working. She has been tutoring my daughter in math for the past few years. She is caring, funny and gets children to find answers/solutions on their own which builds self confidence and decision making. She has helped achieve amazing results on report cards, bringing marks from c's to a's. I would recommend her to anyone!"
Kim O.